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European MassBank (NORMAN MassBank)

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Dear friends of MassBank,

Update 19 July 2017: AAFC provided 292 new mass spectra of mycotoxins.

Update 13 July 2017: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada joined the MassBank family, welcome! Justin and his team will provide mass spectra of mycotoxins.

Update 12 July 2017: After a longer development phase, we are happy that we can launch the new European MassBank server today. We removed the deprecated Java applets technology. The mass spectra are displayed now with SpeckTackle and the structures are rendered with Chemical Development Kit Depict (CDK). CDK makes is possible to display for example Markush structures or other fancy stuff.

Update 20 June 2017: Your input and suggestions for improvement of MassBank are highly appreciated. Use the email link below to send us a message or/and visit MassBank on GitHub. Please follow our issue tracker. You are invited to comment on the issues or open own issues (GitHub account required).

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