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European MassBank (NORMAN MassBank)

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Dear friends of MassBank,

Update 21 June 2018: Open Access MassBank records are available from our Github site for easy download and reuse.

Update 03 May 2018: The Japanese MassBank server ( was shut down in order of server problems. We will announce as soon it will be available again.

Update 03 April 2018: MSSJ provided 215 new mass spectra of bile acids analysed by Nihon University.

Update 19 July 2017: AAFC provided 292 new mass spectra of mycotoxins.

Update 20 June 2017: Your input and suggestions for improvement of MassBank are highly appreciated. Use the email link below to send us a message or/and visit MassBank on GitHub. Please follow our issue tracker. You are invited to comment on the issues or open own issues (GitHub account required).

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