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Dear friends of MassBank,

Update 25 November 2019: University of Athens uploaded the first GC-APCI-QTOF HRMS spectra (94 spectra of 25 compounds).

Update 19 December 2018: We are looking for use cases to improve our RESTful interface. If you want to connect to MassBank, contact us, please!

Update 17 December 2018: Today, we launched our new server. Please enjoy and report bugs or leave comments at Github. The new search function allows search via the RESTful interface for example by SPLASH, by InChIKey or by a single block of InChIKey.

Update 21 June 2018: Open Access MassBank records are available from our Github site for easy download and reuse.

Update 03 May 2018: The Japanese MassBank server ( is not available due to a temporary server shutdown. now redirects to for the foreseeable future. We will announce as soon it will be available again.

Update 20 June 2017: Your input and suggestions for improvement of MassBank are highly appreciated. Use the email link below to send us a message or/and visit MassBank on GitHub. Please follow our issue tracker. You are invited to comment on the issues or open own issues (GitHub account required).

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